Documents which are to be used overseas often need to be prepared or certified by a notary. Notaries are authorised to prepare and certify many different types of document, to be produced in other countries. Every country has its own requirements as to how legal documents are prepared, executed and certified. Our notaries are well qualified to advise on the varying formalities involved. Where appropriate, documents and notarial certificates can be prepared in the languages of the jurisdiction concerned.

A wide range of documents require notarial intervention to be used overseas: deeds, which include, powers of attorney, bills of sale as well as mortgages form a special category under English law and we can advise on the particular procedures to be followed.

Notaries may also certify copies and translations of documents (see “legal translation” below).

We are happy to attend on clients personally to oversee the execution of documents requiring notarial attestation, and many major institutions and companies find this the most effective way of dealing with their notarial requirements. Clients are also welcome to attend in person at our City office.

The opening of tenders, drawing of bonds, share ballots, ship protests and noting and protesting bills of exchange and other negotiable instruments are all services which were traditionally frequently carried out by scrivener notaries, but due to modern business practices, these services are now rarely required but when they are all our notaries are competent to provide such services.