Notaries, bills of exchange and the Electronic Trade Documents Act 2023

With the passage of the Electronic Trade Documents Act 2023, English law now recognises the possibility for various types of trade instruments, which previously were necessarily in paper form, to adopt a dematerialised, electronic character. Many kinds of trade documents are covered by the new Act, but the one that is of relevance to notaries

Europe’s Digital Decade – Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation in notarial matters

Notes from the 34th Conference of European Civil Law Notaries hosted in Salzburg on 19 April 2024 by the Austrian Chamber of Civil-Law Notaries. Despite chilly temperatures and overcast skies in Salzburg, the 34th Conference of European Civil Law Notaries warmly welcomed the attendees from 27 different countries to a highly convivial and interesting series

Scrivener Notaries Qualification – Philippa Slaney and Jake Humbles

We are very pleased to announce the recent qualification as scrivener notaries of our Notarial Associates Philippa Slaney and Jake Humbles. A prerequisite to qualifying as a scrivener notary is to first qualify as a general notary, which Philippa and Jake achieved in 2021. Following this they have successfully passed the examinations set by the

Companies House Reforms

The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act – a notarial perspective After a lengthy period of scrutiny as it made its way through Parliament, the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill finally received Royal Assent on 26 October 2023, becoming the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 (the “Act”). The Act fundamentally changes the

The Register of Overseas Entities – brief outline and verification services

The much anticipated Register of Overseas Entities (“the Register”))  was finally launched by Companies House on 1 August following the passing of the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022 (“the Act”) earlier this year. A key component of the Act is the establishment of the Register which is intended to provide clarity as regards

Sole Directors and Legal Uncertainty Around the Model Articles

Whilst the option for a sole director of a private company limited by shares to adopt Model Articles has long been used by companies looking for a simple method of adopting Articles of Association when forming a company, comments made in the recent High Court case Hashmi v Lorimer-Wing [2022] EWHC 191 (Ch) raised questions

15th edition of Brooke’s Notary

The 15th edition of Brooke’s Notary, the widely used manual of notarial practice and described as “one of the classic textbooks of the law of England and Wales”, has recently been published by Sweet & Maxwell. The first edition of Brooke’s Notary appeared in 1839. Nigel Ready, former senior partner of Cheeswrights and currently a

Season’s Greetings

We warmly wish our clients and all those we work with peace and hope for 2022. Cheeswrights LLP are proud to be supporting  ABF The Soldiers’ Charity – The Soldiers’ Charity ( and  The Mission to Seafarers

Covid19 Response

Cheeswrights LLP response to coronavirus and access to our services – during the current crisis our overriding focus is to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff, their families and our valued clients whilst continuing to provide notarial and related services during this worrying times. For further details of our current services, our response

Law Commission’s report on the electronic execution of documents

Cheeswrights notaries have contributed to the recently published Law Commission’s report on the electronic execution of documents. The report considers whether there are problems with the law around the electronic execution of documents and deeds which are inhibiting the use of electronic documents by commercial parties and consumers.

Partnership retirement

Jeremy Burgess has recently retired as a partner of the firm. Jeremy joined the firm as a trainee in 1985 and has been a partner since 1994. He was managing partner from 2009 to 2018 and has been senior partner for the past two years. During his 26 years as a partner Jeremy has been

Important study on the essential conditions for the validity of notarised powers of attorney

Nigel Ready, honorary chairman, and Jake Humbles, trainee scrivener notary, have recently contributed to an important study on the essential conditions for the validity of notarised powers of attorney published by the European Affairs Commission of the International Union of Notaries (UINL). Whenever an individual or entity based in one country wishes to authorise another

29th International Union of Notaries Congress, Jakarta, Indonesia

Cheeswrights’s honorary chairman, Nigel Ready (pictured with representatives of the Indonesian notariat), and managing partner, Edward Gardiner, attended the 29th International Congress of the International Union of Notaries (UINL) held in Jakarta, Indonesia at the end of November. The central role that notaries play in the prevention of money laundering throughout the world, technological developments

Powers of special managers in a company winding-up

Cheeswrights are often asked to notarially certify documents for use overseas involving companies registered in England and Wales which are in administration or liquidation, such documents often relate to the disposal of assets which are situated in overseas jurisdictions or the closing of branch offices. In such circumstances, the company can still execute documents, but